How To Dramatically Build Your Business With Our 'Never Before Seen' Innovative Contests & Earn Rewards At The Same Time!


This Concept Is So NEW... You'll Be Floored When You Realise The Huge Potential!

No matter what niche your primary business covers, there's no doubt that the number one objective of all website owners is to get more people visiting their site and joining their opportunity. Whether it means signing up to a list, becoming a fan, or a member of your site, we all know that CPA (Cost Per Action) advertising works well, but the cost to the advertiser can be hefty.

The problem most webmasters face is that there's such a high level of competition where affiliates are concerned, it's not always easy to find the 'serious' promoters who are willing to promote your business or services for a considerable length of time... and achieve real results... Promotions tend to start off well, then peter off due to the lack of knowledge and the effort being made by participants.

This Concept Is So NEW... You'll Be Floored When You Realise The Huge Potential!

Here's why...

 ContestConclave is aptly named, because our goal is to get not just a few, but many people promoting your contests for you! And why would they do that?Because we reward them with prizes that makes it well worth their time and effort to promote on your behalf.

Here are 3 reasons why our concept works so incredibly well:


Our program works on rewards rather that commissions for sales... Once you join our program as an active Sponsor, and the contest period has been completed, our script randomly selects an entrant that took the action you wanted -- like subscribing to your list or joining your program - to win a prize that you provide. This could be cash, a product, or an upgraded membership to your website.


We also pay the same prize to the person that sent the member that won the prize to your site... This would be one of our members at that hosted your contest on their website. Can you see how it's a win/win situation here?


But not only that, we also pay 20% of the contest fee received at from Sponsors that decide to host their contest solely on their own website. This also ensures that the promoter is rewarded for their efforts. Everybody's happy.


1 Year Pro Membershi...

1 Year Pro Membershi...

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1 Year Pro Membershi...

1 Year Pro Membershi...

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100,000 Banner Ad Im...

100,000 Banner Ad Im...

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1 Year Pro Membershi...

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Upto $250 Ready to u...

Upto $250 Ready to u...

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Imagine For A Moment Just How Much You Can Benefit From Our Contest Traffic...

  • You could add a link to your Facebook fan page and increase your fan base tremendously.
  • You could include advertising on your web page that attracts customers while people are viewing the contests you host.
  • You could redirect the traffic to a special offer on the thank you page once they have entered the contest.
  • You could ask your site visitors to share the contest with their friends using the Shareaholic tool or similar so your post and website link appears on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+ and more.

Take a look at the features of the two types of accounts we offer our members below...



  • Promoters
  • See how many people have entered your contest/s.
  • See the websites that each contest entrant came to your site from.


  • View the available contests and select the ones that you'd like to host on your site.
  • See the subscribers that you have referred to enter the contest/s through your special link.
  • See which subscribers that you've referred have won a contest. (Which of course means that you've won too!)

Now that you've discovered our innovative concept, we're sure you're keen to signup, but let us quickly explain how our launch will work.

Firstly, we have opened the doors for Webmasters/Promoters to join free and refer other new members. The contest features won't be live during this time. This is the first phase that will build the targeted audience of promoters for our Sponsors.

Next, we will open our doors to the public completely when we have over 100 Quality Webmasters/Promoters ready to promote our sponsors, and all the features of our service will be fully operational. This is when both Sponsors and Promoters alike can really start having some fun!

So can you see the big picture here, and understand how you can gain traffic to your site and increase your chances to win cash and prizes? Then click the link below now to signup for a free account, and we will keep you posted as we progress towards launch!

Smarten Up & Recognize A Good Thing When You See It!

Only those smart marketers with good foresight will take the step to opt-in today, and that's exactly what we're looking for! If you're tired of all the old fashioned forms of marketing that trickle in returns slowly, then it's time your future prospects improved dramatically. Simply fill out the form below now to get started, and like we said... "Hold onto your hat!"

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I look forward to welcoming you in the member's area soon, and I wish you all the very best in the upcoming contests!

Rohit Seth - CEO,

PS. Yes this truly is a brand new concept that you won't have seen posted all over the internet yet, and YES it can work extremely well to build your list, your membership base, and even fans and followers... Don't pass this opportunity up, because I'm serious when I say that you have so much more to gain from our program in the long run.